You can have it all... but maybe not all at one time.

Hey girl hey! I wanted to write today about something that has been on my heart for awhile. And, it’s pretty simple. For some reason - this epiphany has taken me quite some time to realize - and then subsequently ‘get over.’

I don’t want to rain on your parade - I’m only speaking from experience. This experience is mine.

As I sit here typing this blog post that has been on my heart all day today - I know that I am racing the clock for squeezing in a quick 20 minute cardio ride on my Peloton. So here I am … telling you how you can, or cannot, have it all as a busy mama as I am stressing about finishing this up so I can workout too. The irony.

It hit me this morning as I was putting Sesame Street on Hulu for my daughter … that I truly cannot have it all at one time.


have the laundry washed, folded and put away at the same time that the house is spotless, dishes are done, floors are swept and mopped, beds are made, oils are diffusing AND still have time to workout, shower, dry and style my hair, put on makeup, read my Bible, run my business WELL, train my clients, onboard new women to my team, keep up with my girlfriends via text messages, FaceTime my family, watch my shows that are piling up on my DVR, grocery shop and prep a weeks worth of healthy meals, keep my own personal maintenance up-to-date (hello teeth whitening, legs shaved, and at-home spray tan LOL), have the energy for sex with my husband at the end of all this AND get 8 hours of sleep.

I can’t.

I’m only one woman.

Granted - I don’t outsource or delegate any of the household chores. I clean my own house (minus my new robotic vacuum that has been a little lifesaving robo maid hehe). I grocery shop and prep our own meals. Someday when we move back to the Lower 48 I will likely higher a meal prep company to take that load off myself! I am a one-lady shop when it comes to my multiple sources of income.

The fact that I do everything used to stress me out. This completely unattainable level of perfection - with my body, my mindset, my spiritual walk, the cleanliness of my house, whether or not I made the bed today, the condition of and excitement in my marriage, whether the dog has had enough exercise and if our daughter has had too much screen time today.

I cannot have it all at the same time.

So I realized and have come to accept the following: I cannot have it all at the same time. Some thing, task, or hobby will take a backseat to something more important. As I typed this sentence the rain has stopped on Kodiak and the sun is beating in right on my face as if God is even saying - “Yes child, you’re right.”

I am writing this for that one mama out there who feels like she is spinning plates and dropping more than she is keeping in the air. It’s okay mama. There will likely be a time in your life where you will be able to have it all at one time. If that’s not today - that’s ok too. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your priorities should be - am I ok? Are the kids healthy? Is my marriage in a good place? Did I honor my body and health today through exercise, self care and self love? …. The rest is just extra.