My 1 Year Peloton Review


I drooled over the perfectly placed Facebook + Instagram ads for weeks. I loved every Peloton commercial that was played during my shows on Hulu. But, I debated whether I really needed to spend that money. I mean, $3,000+ for the bike and membership …. pretty dang expensive. (Or was it comparatively-speaking?) Not to mention I left the corporate workforce and a six-figure income to be at home with my 5 month old.

I listed what may be your top objections or fears based on what mine were as well.

Will I like it??

That really depends on YOU. I had only taken a handful of spin/indoor cycling classes prior to purchasing my Peloton and guess what - I hated every single one. Why? I didn’t like the saddle discomfort and besides, I preferred outdoor biking and running anyway. But I changed, my lifestyle changed, and this bike became postpartum therapy for me. After about 2 weeks of consistent riding - all the saddle soreness went away. I know if I haven’t ridden my bike enough lately too by whether or not hopping back on leaves me sore again. If I’m sore - I’m not on it enough.

But, I hate running on a treadmill or biking indoors.

Yeah, I did too. Why? Because I hate feeling like a ‘hamster on a wheel’ or that I’m running or biking but I’m not going anywhere. Again, things, people and situations change. I was the mom of a 5 month old born via cesarean when I ordered my bike. I no longer had the freedom and luxury to go for an outdoor run on a whim or a 15 mile bike ride outside. I also couldn’t handle the jiggling and impact from running that early from cesarean surgery. I needed a low impact cardio alternative for my mental and physical well-being. The instructors, the music, and the community atmosphere hooked me immediately.

So yes, I hated indoor cycling prior to becoming a mom. Soon my Peloton was the only low impact cardio that I could really do in terms of time, location, quality of the equipment, quality of the instructors all with the community accountability. I still used my Beachbody On Demand (BOD) for all strength training because I’m obsessed with their super trainers and their strength training programs. If you want more info about BOD let me know and I can hook you up with an annual membership for less than my monthly Peloton expense.

I’m not sure I would love running on a treadmill like I’ve grown to love indoor cycling, but again, my life and situation has changed and I knew I had to compromise to be the best mom I could be while still taking care of me too.

I hate working out but I’ll ride my peloton!

I’m going to give you some tough ‘coach and certified personal trainer’ love here. If you won’t go to classes now, don’t make working out a priority in your life now - you think that a bike in your bedroom or living room will change that? It likely won’t. You’ll just have a $2,000+ piece of decor, dust collector, or clothes rack sitting around.

My advice - start with something that has a much lower investment and give yourself 30 days to prove to yourself that you can and you will exercise discipline. You rock that 30 days or at least 75-80% of those 30 days - then I’d say you’re ready for the investment. But you can’t buy equipment and a membership and expect that you’ll magically change your actions and behaviors. If you currently have a gym membership but never go - why is that? Time, location, work schedule, tired? Buying the bike won’t FIX your behaviors. Fix your behaviors then reward yourself with the bike.

it is too expensive!

Indoor cycling in general is an expensive hobby. I lucked out and got 0% financing for 36 months on my bike which included 36 months of the digital membership. I pay $101/month for 36 months with no interest. It is absolutely free financing and that’s amazing. So, I pay $101 a month to ride unlimited rides, live or on demand. I also have access to their treadmill, outdoor running, outdoor walking, strength and yoga workouts that are available digitally. I LOVE when I get some time to myself in the daylight here in Alaska and can go for a guided run.

I’ll say it again in case it didn’t stick: I get unlimited rides for just $101/month.

I did an online price comparison today (11-19-2018) to two popular studios in Chicago (SoulCycle +Flywheel).

Pricing found on their respective Chicago location websites on November 19, 2018.

Pricing found on their respective Chicago location websites on November 19, 2018.

So, I’ll say this again… the Peloton is an investment and it isn’t inexpensive. But - it is so much more VALUABLE. You get actual equipment AND unlimited live and on demand cycle workouts. So basically to “justify” a Peloton purchase for me … I have to ride 4 times a month or 48 times a year.

PS - I didn’t include on-site childcare, parking, gas or public transportation costs either. This is JUST cycling costs. I hope this part helps!

i bought the bike, deidre. but i don’t ride it nearly enough.

Been there. My best advice?

  • Join the Peloton Community Facebook Page

  • If you’re a mom - join the Official Peloton Mom page on Facebook.

  • Make friends in the online community and plan rides together. Find me and let’s ride together!! My Peloton screen name is: #mamatomisspix

  • Try out different instructors.

  • Try out different types of rides of lengths of rides.

  • Pick your favorite genre of music!

  • Challenge yourself to ride a set number of 15-30 minute rides for 1 week.

  • Then do that for 2 weeks.

  • Then do that for 3 weeks.

  • Then pick a date on the calendar a month or so out and set a goal ‘ride’ number to hit before then.

The fact is - the more you RIDE - the more you’ll want to ride. It’s addictive. It’s good for you. It’s amazing. Stop making excuses for your life. Get on your dang bike.

In love + sweat,


Thinking of finally taking the Peloton for a spin?

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Deidre Wilson